Pod Salts

Made in the UK, Pod Salt e-liquids are the ideal complement to pod kits due to their reduced vapour production; nevertheless, you may use these gourmet fruit, menthol, and tobacco blends with any MTL vape kit of your choosing! Available in strengths of 11 mg or 20 mg, keep an eye out for partnerships with other e-liquid producers to discover some incredibly distinctive flavors. Not to fear, there are also disposable Pod Salt vapes available if you enjoy the flavor but not the idea of constantly having to refill.

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A salt pod vape: what is it?

Nic salt e-liquids under the Pod Salt brand are renowned for their smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Unlike conventional freebase nicotine, salt nicotine is used to make these e-liquids. Because they also offer a variety of 50ml and 100ml shortfills, Pod Salt e-liquids are a popular choice among vapers due to their gentler throat hit caused by salt nicotine.

What is the difference between pod salt and nic salt?

"Pod salt" is a brand of salt nicotine e-liquids that are made for especially for pod kits, while "nic salt" is a general term for any e-liquid with salt nicotine. Nic salts can be used in different kinds of vape kits, not just pod systems. The key difference is in how they're meant to be used – pod salts are specially formulated for Pod Kit while nic salts can be used in a wider variety of devices.

What are the best Pod Salt vape flavours?

What you enjoy will determine which flavors of Pod Salt vape are ideal for you. Nonetheless, there are several flavors that appear to be popular with a lot of people. Among these is Cola With Lime, which is excellent for anyone seeking a traditional flavor that is crisp and refreshing but still bursting with flavor. If fruity and sweet is more your thing, there are a ton of variations available as well. Watermelon Breeze is a vape juice with a stronger fruit flavor.

What vape kit should I use with Pod Salt E-Liquids?

Pod system vape kits are the ideal option for Pod Salt E-Liquids. With the perfect balance of flavor and nicotine, these kits are designed for use with salt nicotine e-liquids. Pod kits are a great option if you're new to vaping because they're really easy to use. They typically have vape coils with higher resistance and lower power, which are ideal for salt nicotine.

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What Ohm Pod for Salt Nic?

For nicotine salt e-liquids, it's generally recommended to use pods with a resistance of 1 ohm or higher. This is because lower resistance levels (sub-ohm) may result in a harsher throat hit and excessive nicotine intake due to larger vapor production.

How to Open Pod Salt Bottle?

The method to open a pod salt bottle depends on the specific design of the bottle. Most e-liquid bottles, including those for pod salts, typically come with childproof caps that require pressing down while turning. Ensure to follow any specific instructions provided on the bottle or packaging for safe and proper usage.

Is Pod Salt Good?

Pod salt, in general, is popular among vapers seeking a smoother and more satisfying experience compared to traditional e-liquids. They allow for higher nicotine concentrations without a harsh throat hit, making them attractive for those transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Is Pod Salt Safe?

Pod salts are considered safe for vaping when used responsibly and in line with personal nicotine tolerance. They provide a smoother throat hit and are often preferred by those who find traditional e-liquids too harsh. However, it's essential to use them within the recommended guidelines and consider individual health conditions.