ElfLiq Nic Salt by Elf Bar

The ElfLiq e-liquids come in a 10-milliliter container with a 50VG:50PG blend and a choice of 10 or 20 milligrams of nic salts. Nic salts are ideal for usage in the most well-liked vape starter kits and pod kits, as well as the Elf Bar line of refilling pods.

Presently offered in nine new flavors for 2023 in addition to the most well-liked flavors from the ELFBAR disposables line.To meet the demand for a nic salt e-liquid that works with a variety of devices, Elfbar created the Elfliq line. Enjoy Elfliq e-liquids based on the widely-liked selection of disposable vape flavors even if you switch from your preferred Elfbar disposable to a more sophisticated vape pod.

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What Makes Vaping a Better Option Than Smoking?

Vaping provides an alternative method of satisfying tobacco-related nicotine cravings without the many dangerous ingredients found in regular cigarettes. Pen-style kits are suggested for those who are new to vaping due to their comprehensive beginner packages and ease of usage. Disposable vaporizers are also a good choice because they come pre-assembled and require no prior knowledge to use. Please contact our customer service team for additional advice on starting your vaping experience.

Which E-Liquid Is Best for Me?

E-liquids are available in a wide variety of flavors, sizes, and formulas. This implies that you will have no trouble selecting your preferred all-day vape flavor, but for those who are just getting started, it may be overwhelming. It's crucial to select the appropriate e-liquid formulation because certain kits are designed to perform well with particular e-liquids. High PG e-liquid is the ideal option to use with lesser-powered kits, including many pod or pen kits.

Top Disposables 2024

Disposable vaporizers have dominated the market thanks to their incredibly practical design and delicious flavors. Right out of the box, they are pre-filled and charged, and when they're done, you just need to throw them away—some manufacturers even recycle! We suggest trying out some of the most well-known brands available, such Geekvape bars and Elf bars, as they both feature a large assortment of flavors. Companies like as Doozy, Pukka, SMOK,

Which Vape Kit Is Best for Me?

Your preference regarding convenience, performance, and nicotine strength will determine which vape kit is best for you. We suggest a refillable or pre-filled pod kit for anyone searching for a kit that is easy to use. Because disposable vape pens arrive pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready to use right out of the package, they're also a simple method to start vaping.

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Are ElfLiq e-liquids TPD compliant?

All ElfLiq e-liquids from ELf Bar have been tested to the highest standards and are fully TPD compliant. They are supplied in 10Ml bottles and have 10Mg/ml or 20Mg/ml nicotine salt.

What strength are ElfLiq e-liquids?

ElfLiq e-liquids come in a 50VG/50PG blend with a choice of 10Mg/ml and 20Mg/ml nicotine strength, offering the best vape experience for new and experienced vapers.

What ElfLiq e-liquid flavours are available?

ElfLiq e-liquids have launched with 12 of the best Elf Bar flavours, including Blue Razz, Cotton Candy Ice, Elfbull Ice, Cream Tobacco, and Pink Lemonade, and have released 9 new flavours for 2024.

Can I use ElfLiq e-liquids in my vape device?

ElfLiq e-liquids are formulated to provide the best vape experience and flavour in all of their refillable pod kits and a range of MTL vape kits, including most starter kits, pods kits and any low-wattage vape device between 15W and 40W.