IVG Bar Disposable Vapes

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The IVG 600 Puff Disposable Pod Device by IVG Vape is the most recent release, and it comes in 16 unique flavors. IVG Vape Great has incorporated its best-selling flavors into its stylish closed pod system with a 2ml liquid capacity and no replaceable parts. The disposable device comes prefilled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, providing approximately 600 vape sessions per device. The IVG disposable vape bars have an unrivaled mouthwatering flavor and a solid throat hit and are powered by an internal 500 mAh battery that comes pre-charged and ready to use.

IVG Salts Bar favorites include 21 flavors from the most popular and well-loved IVG Bars. The same great taste and quality as the bars, but in a bottle! This e-liquid is 50VG/50PG and performs best when paired with starter and pod kits.

The IVG Crystal Bar 600 Puffs Vape is the best because it offers the best solution for e-cigarette users in the form of a portable and functional disposable device. All fruity flavors are distinct in providing an optimal feel in each puff, preventing boredom.

The IVG Calipro Disposable Vape Kit is a sleek and thin disposable vape. The IVG Calipro distinguishes itself from other flavor-enhanced devices by using IVG's pace with fast nic salt flavors such as Green Fusion, Cherry Watermelon, and Pink Apple Guava. Because of its built-in 580 mAh battery, you can get up to 600 puffs per unit. The IVG vape has one nicotine level: 2ml of 20mg (2%), nic salt e-liquid.

With its stylish ergonomic design, the IVG Bar Max Disposable Vape provides a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. The IVG Bar contains 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, providing a smooth nicotine hit with each puff. The Disposable is ideal for those looking to quit smoking because it provides a mouth-to-lung vaping experience.