Doozy Vape Co Nic Salts

The Nic Salts line from Doozy Vape Co. provides a choice of premium vape liquids for an amazing vaping experience. Classic nicotine salt e-liquids and UK-made vape juices prepared with the best standards, Doozy Mix Salts and Doozy Seriously Bar Salts, are among our offerings. You're likely to find one that perfectly suits your needs and tastes thanks to our unique blend of flavors, which includes Frozen Berries, Sour Blue Raspberry Apple, and Apple Grape Blast, and a range of nicotine concentrations, including 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Get excellent nic salts from Doozy Vape Co. right now!

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Nicotine Salts from Vape Area.

Doozy Vape's nicotine salt liquids hit the spot without sacrificing flavor for an intense throat punch and craving-busting delight. The 50VG/50PG composition of this e-liquid provides the right ratio of flavor to cloud creation, and the nicotine salt solution makes it suitable for use in both pod vapes and traditional e-cigarette starter kits. Ideal for those who have recently quit smoking or vapers looking for the quick, fulfilling hit of nicotine that comes from nic salts without causing a harsh throat feeling.

What are the Flavours that you offer?

The Flavour collection includes a wide range of diverse and exciting options. Some of our popular flavors include Gummy Bear, Bubblegum, Pink Lemonade, Cream Tobacco, Mixed Berries, and Sour Blue Raspberry Apple. These distinctive flavors are specially designed to cater to both newcomers and veteran vapers.

What strengths do your Doozy Mix Nic Salts come in?

Doozy mix nic salts are available in two strengths - 10mg and 20mg. These options cater to different preferences, whether you prefer a lighter experience or a more robust flavor and sensation.

Doozy Vape Co. 50/50, Range

Get a phenomenal taste of flavour and wonderful cloud production with the Doozy Vape Co. 50%VG/50%PG vape juice collection. Every flavour of Doozy Vape Co., whether it is dessert, fruity or menthol, gives you an outstanding vaping experience. To get the sublime balance of vapour clouds and flavour, you must use a starter vape kit or pod or pen kit with the 50%VG/50%PG e-liquids!

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Is Doozy Vape Co. A UK-based Vape Brand?

yes, it’s a UK-based vape brand. Hence you can rest assured that you are in safe hands!

Which Types Of Flavour Will I Get From the Vape Area?

Vape Area offers you a delectable range of flavours, including fruity, dessert, cool, sweet/candy, and tobacco. Every e-juice, shortfill, or nic-salt e-liquid from Vape Area. gives you a slight zest to saccharine and a slushy taste.

Do I Get Menthol Tobacco Flavour In the UK?

No, because the flavour has been banned in the UK since 2022. However, you can have an ice menthol flavour in the 50/50 range from Vape Area.

Is Doozy a popular brand?

Absolutely! Doozy is currently one of the hottest E-liquid brands in the UK. They are known for their quality products, diverse flavour profiles, and commitment to providing an exceptional vaping experience.